How do we go about booking a pool?

Our hires normally cover a four week period (the two weeks before and two weeks after your due date) however these dates are organised to meet your needs and requirements.

What’s included and how much does it all cost?

The pool is made up of 8 wooden panels which bolt together to form an octagonal shaped pool. They are lined to keep them insulated and padded.

As well as a permanent liner you are supplied with a new disposable liner which is solely for your use.

A pump and hoses are supplied as are a couple of different tap adapters. It all packs into two bags (approx 2.5 x 2.5 feet and 5 inches deep) plus one large plastic box.

All this normally fits into a car boot.

The cost for a standard four week hire is £150.

If the pool is not picked up personally then a delivery charge would be incurred. This is charged at whatever it costs us to do this. Provision of your postcode will allow us to provide a quote for delivery.

Are the pools available for home and hospital births?

Yes, although you will probably find that your hospital will have their own views, wishes, needs and protocols such as possibly needing their own technicians to satisfy themselves over any electrical equipment such as the pump.


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