Birth Pool Details

The pool is made up of 8 wooden panels which bolt together to form an octagon shaped pool. The panels are fully lined to keep them insulated and padded.

The pool incorporates a permanent liner, which is supplemented with a disposable liner which is solely for your use.

Dimensions: Hexagonal - 4'9" from flat side to flat side. 2' high

Capacity: Approx. 200 gallons when filled to 21"

A pump and hoses are supplied (hoses are 15' in length), as are tap adapters. The pool packs into two bags (approx 2.5 x 2.5 feet and 5 inches deep) plus one large plastic box. All this normally fits into a car boot.

What technical things do I have to consider?

If you are concerned about the strength of your floor then it is advised to consult a structural engineer, however there are generally safer places to site your pool such as at a bay window, over a supporting wall or in a corner.

When considering where to place your pool it is important to consider access for both the labouring woman and birth partner/s and midwives.

You also have to consider the water supply where the pool is to be situated. Is it close enough (remember the hoses are 15 feet long). Will the heating system provide enough hot water (a combination boiler should be able to provide you with continous hot water however if it is a tank fed system, how big is the tank and how long does it take to heat up again). Is there a toilet or bath close enough for the emptying of the pool (the force of water pumped through the outlet hose means that a sink may be unsuitable for emptying, as the waste water will splash and be too much for the smaller pipe to cope with). All of these questions should be considered when deciding where to place your pool as well as when you want to build and start filling the pool in relation to when the labour begins.

If you have questions about any of the details, there is a page dedicated to frequently asked questions. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.


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