Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of using water during labour?
How long can I be in the water?
Why might my midwife ask me to leave the pool?
When can I get in?
Once in, will I be able to get out again?
Why does the baby not drown?
Can I deliver the placenta in the pool?
Why are some midwives more at ease with water birth than others?
What is the importance of water temperature?
Can I use other forms of pain relief while in the pool?

More technical information

Where can we put the pool?
How long are the hoses?
Will they connect to my taps?
Is it easy to assemble?
How long does it take to fill?
Is my domestic hot water system adequate to fill the pool?
What else is supplied with the pool?
What else might I want or need?
How do I empty the pool?
What if my baby comes before the pool?
What if the baby hasn't arrived by the end of the hire period?


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